Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter – DC Outlet


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Powerstation PSX3 Jumpstarter - DC Outlet


The PowerStation PSX3 portable Jump starter with Air Compressor, DC Outlet, and USB Port. The PowerStation PSX3 is not just a heavy duty jump starter. This multi-use device is also a 160 psi air compressor, a power source outputting 12 volts and an emergency source of light on the side of the road. Talk about a utilitarian's dream device. This all in one portable power pack can charge your dead car battery, inflate a flat tire(not to mention anything else that is inflatable), or can also charge your smart phone back to life. Keep it in your car for emergencies or bring it along to camping trips and be the envy of all your friends.

PowerStation PSX3 high power air compressor is indispensable for those long road trips. You can quickly remedy a vehicle's flat tire. Perfect for the outdoors, the PSX3's 12V DC outlet provides the ultimate convenience when keeping your cell phone and other electronics running. It features both green and red LED indicators to tell you when your PowerStation PSX3 needs to be charged. PowerStation PSX3 can be charged with you 12v DC cigarette outlet (4' cord included), or your 120v wall outlet.


1 Amp USB port charges most electronics
Powerful 3 LED emergency light
32 Inch (82 cm) jumper cables and 400 amp clamps
Ultra high power 18 amp hour battery starts batteries instantly
160 PSI air compressor inflates tires and sporting goods quickly
Recharger trough AC wall socket or via car cig-lighter-
Polarity Reversed Light warns of improper connections
Re-charging cords are included
Racing gauges and carbon fiber texturing


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