Glo 4G MiFi + Free 12GB + 6 Months of Recharge Bonus



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Glo 4G MiFi + Free 12GB + 6 Months of Recharge Bonus

Product Description
Glo 4G Mifi

1. Glo 4G 150Mpbs WiFi modem + Free 12Gb Data + 4% Bonus on every recharge for 6 months
2. Rechargable, can work over 5 hours without being recharged,
3. Can be connected UBS port on a laptop for charging
5. Up 10 users can be connected via WiFi at 4G speeds
6. User management can be done by loging on to the modem via its IP address

Bonus Recharge

1. You are entitled to 4% recharge bonus on every recharge on all networks
2. To redeem your recharge bonus sign up on our site under Konga Customers
3. Once you sign up, fund your account (e-wallet) using your debit card, under "deposits". The funds you add will be used to recharge the numbers you set up.
4. On each funding of your account, bonus will be added to your e-wallet account
5. You can key in 100s of numbers or create 100s of sub accounts under your solkap account and recharge en masse or schedule by dates or multiple dates on each number or by group of numbers
6. Sub accounts can independently operate: they can fund their own accounts with their debit cards recharge

Free CUG

1. Each Mifi comes bundled with 3 Free CUG sims for your friends and family.
2. Each CUG sim comes preloaded with 500 free minutes for calls between the CUG sims, thats 1500 minutes free total.
3. Currently the CUG sims are on 24/7 free calls between which you can enjoy throughout the promotional period.
4. you can purchase more sims in batches of 10
5. monthly subscription on the sims is N500. NB: you have one month free starting from the day the sim is registered.

Please note that these terms might change by Globalcom Unlimited without Prior notice to vendors or users.


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